Our Route

A: St. Louis
B: Tilly Mountain Farm in Tilly, AR
C: Paradise Produce in Mount Ida, AR
D: Night on the town in Memphis, TN
E: Broken Magnolia Farm in Taylor, MS
F: A Place of the Heart in Pioneer, TN
G: Spring Creek Farm in Pioneer, TN
H: Walnut Hollow Farm in Mountain City, TN
I: Ageless Herbs in Hamptonville, NC
J: Old Season Farm in West Jefferson, NC
K: Randall Cove Farm in Leicester, NC
L: Doubletree Farm in Marshall, NC
M: Mountain Gardens in Burnsville, NC
N: Ostara Farm in Leicester, NC
O: Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN
G: Back to Spring Creek Farm in Pioneer, TN
P: Rainbow Gathering, Cherokee National Forest, TN
Q: Claymont Community, Charles Town, WV
R: Visiting Randy's family in Barre, MA
S: Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI
R: Back to Barre for a few days
T: Vermont Grand View Farm in Chelsea, VT
R: Back to Barre for a few days
U: Fable Farm in Barnard, VT

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