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On Orcas Island '09
     We are roving lovers of food and farm, who are traveling around the country working on organic farms in preparation for having our own land in the future. Farming has always been a part of our relationship, having met while WWOOFing on a farm in the San Juan islands in 2009. We decided to WWOOF early on in our 2 year long-distance relationship, and saw this trip as the light at the end of the tunnel. Randy is drawn to the independence that farming creates. He feels that knowing where his food is coming from and its quality are well worth the required shift in lifestyle. Holly has wanted to get back to the land ever since she was a kid and had her own bed in her mom's garden. Having a slower, more basic, deliberate and real lifestyle is what makes the most sense to her. Every stop on this trip brings new people and new experiences that reaffirm our convictions that we're heading down the right path.

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